Madeleine Szymanski - Artist


Madeleine Szymanski trained in NZ and has been working and exhibiting in NSW since 1982. She has been a member of the teaching staff at Ku-ring-gai Art Centre since 1989 and has conducted various regional and interstate workshops in watercolour, collagraph and miniature techniques. She belongs to several art societies including the Australian Society of Miniature Art (NSW), (President 1995 - 1997) and current President (since 2014), the Miniature Art Society of Florida, and Ku-ring-gai Art Society (Exhibition Manager 1999 - 2000)



Madeleine has held twelve solo exhibitions, has joined in several small-group shows and has exhibited widely in selective, municipal and regional exhibitions. Since 1990 she has won more than 200 First Prizes and many commendations at exhibitions including the Royal Easter Show, the Combined Art Societies of Sydney, the Willoughby Art Prize, Ku-ring-gai Art Society Awards and the Miniature Art Society of Florida. In 2012 Madeleine was announced as the Combined Art Societies  'Artist of the Year'.



'This work has a beautifully controlled complex composition '  Warwick Fuller

'Subject and treatment were most outstanding, capturing the mood'  Lou Klepac

'Sensitive use of the collagraph technique - a sympathetic image'  Elizabeth Cummings

'Madeleine's sense of design and colour are of a high standard'  Bob Baird

'A true work of art in every sense...superb drawing...delicate overall colour'  Robert Wilson

'A sensitively conceived painting with excellent handling of watercolour'  Jocelyn Maughan




Works are held in Corporate and Municipal collections as well as in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa. Her artworks have also been acquired by several Regional galleries. 




COMBINED ART SOCIETIES OF SYDNEY                    - First Prize Miniature


PORT STEPHENS ART PRIZE                                    - Commended Miniature


ROYAL EASTER SHOW                                            - Second Prize Miniature


GREAT LAKES OPEN                                              - Second Prize Small Works


DENILIQUIN EASTER EXHIBITION                          - First Prize Miniature


DRUMMOYNE OPEN                                               - First Prize Printmaking


ST BERNARDS ART SHOW                                     - First Prize Small works


GRENFELL HENRY LAWSON                                   - Highly Commended Miniature


ASMA NATIONAL AWARDS                                    - Highly Commended Printmaking

                                                                         - Commended Self-Portrait


TAREE OPEN AWARDS                                         - First Prize Watercolour

                                                                        - First Prize Pastel

                                                                        - Second Prize Miniature


KU-RING-GAI ANNUAL AWARDS                          - Second Prize Miniature

                                                                        - Highly Commended Printmaking


LANE COVE ART PRIZE                                       - Highly Commended Watercolour


ORANGE BLOSSOM FESTIVAL                             - First Prize Small works


SAWTELL ART PRIZE                                         - First Prize Miniature

                                                                       - Highly Commended Pastel


GOULBURN ART PRIZE                                      - Highly Commended Miniature


WARRUMBUNGLE ART SHOW                            - First Prize Miniature


ASMA TASMANIA AWARDS                                - First Prize Figurative

                                                                      - Third Prize Landscape


BLACKHEATH RHODODENDRON FEST                - Highly Commended Watercolour/Pastel

                                                                     - Very Highly Commended Miniature









COMBINED ART SOCIETIES OF SYDNEY                    - First Prize Miniature

                                                                             - Very Highly Commended Watercolour

                                                                             - Very highly Commended Printmaking


BRIGHT ANNUAL AUTUMN EXHIBITION                     - First prize Miniature 


FORSTER GREAT LAKES                                          - Highly Commended Small Paintings


DRUMMOYNE ART SOCIETY                                     - Very Highly Commended Printmking

                                                                            - Commended Small Works


GRENFELL HENRY LAWSON                                    - Commended Miniature


ST BERNARDS ART SHOW                                     - First prize Small paintings


ASMA NSW ANNUAL AWARDS                                - Coleman Award (for In My World)

                                                                           - First prize Watercolour

                                                                           - Highly Commended Printmaking


SINGLETON ART PRIZE                                         - Commended Drawing


KU-RING-GAI ART SOCIETY                                  - Second Prize Printmaking


SCONE ART PRIZE                                               - Highly Commended Miniature


ORANGE BLOSSOM FESTIVAL                               - Highly commended Watercolour

                                                                         - Highly Commended Miniature

                                                                         - Commended Miniature


GOULBURN ART PRIZE                                        - Second Prize Printmaking


WARRUMBUNGLE ART SHOW                               - First Prize Miniature


BLACKHEATH FESTIVAL                                      - Second Prize Watercolour/Pastel






Miniature Art Society of Florida                                 - Second prize Interior/Still Life


Combined Art Societies of Sydney                             - First prize Miniature

                                                                               - Highly Commended Miniature

                                                                               - Commended 9 x 5


ASMA Tasmania                                                       - First prize Figure/Portrait

                                                                               - First prize Buildings


Forster Great Lakes                                                  - First prize Small Paintings


Drummoyne Art Society                                          - Very Highly commended Printmaking

                                                                              - Commended Portrait


Grenfell Henry Lawson                                            - First prize Pastel


ASMA National Awards                                             - Best in Show

                                                                              - Highly Commended Printmaking

                                                                              - Commended Drawing


Ku-ring-gai Art Society Awards                                 - First prize Printmaking


Singleton Art Prize                                                  - Second Prize Miniature


Kiama Annual awards                                              - First Prize Miniature

                                                                             - Second Prize Portrait


Scone Art Prize                                                       - First Prize Portrait/Figure


Lillipilli Art Exhibition                                              - Highly Commended Human Form


Orange Blossom festival                                         - First Prize Small works

                                                                           - Highly Commended Small works


Goulburn Art Prize                                                 - Second Prize Printmaking


Warrumbungle Arts Exhibition                                - First Prize Miniature








ASMA TASMANIA                                                      - First prize Portrait and Figure

                                                                               - Highly Commended Landscape


COMBINED ART SOCIETIES OF SYDNEY                    - Highly Commended Drawing and other Media

                                                                                - Highly Commended 9 x 5


CASTLE HILL SHOW                                                 - Commended Pastel

                                                                               - Commended 9 x 5


GREAT LAKES EXHIBITION                                      - Commended Small Works


DRUMMOYNE ART SOCIETY                                     - First Prize Printmaking

                                                                              - First Prize Miniature

                                                                              - Commended Watercolour


CURRABUBULA ART SHOW                                      - First prize Miniature


KU-RING-GAI ART SOC AWARDS                             - First Prize Pastel


ASMA NATIONAL AWARDS                                       - First Prize Watercolour

                                                                              - Highly Commended Printmaking


KIAMA ANNUAL AWARDS                                         - Second Prize Miniature

                                                                              - Highly Commended Watercolour


SCONE ART PRIZE                                                  - First Prize Print/Drawing

                                                                              - Highly Commended Portrait/Figure


ORANGE BLOSSOM FEST                                       - Commended Miniature


GOULBURN ART PRIZE                                           - Commended Watercolour


BLACKHEATH FESTIVAL                                          - Highly Commended Miniature







COMBINED ART SOCS OF SYDNEY                           - First Prize Miniature

                                                                            - Highly Commended Drawing and other Media


ASMA TASMANIA                                                   - First Prize portrait and Figure


DRUMMOYNE ART SOCIETY                                    - President's Choice


GRENFELL HENRY LAWSON                                    - First Prize Watercolour

                                                                             - Commended Pastel


ASMA NATIONAL AWARDS                                     - First Prize Human Form


KIAMA ANNUAL AWARDS                                       - Achievement Award Portrait and Figure


SCONE ART PRIZE                                                - First Prize Miniature

                                                                           - Highly Commended Printmaking/Drawing


GWYDIR ART SHOW                                              - First Prize Miniature

                                                                           - Highly Commended Miniature







COMBINED ART SOCS OF SYDNEY                            - Highly Commended Miniature

                                                                             - Finalist Drawing and other media

                                                                             - Finalist 9 x 5

                                                                             - Finalist Miniature


ASMA TASMANIA AWARDS                                      - First prize Landscape

                                                                            - First prize Myth and Legend 

                                                                            - Second prize Figurative


BRIGHT AUTUMN EXHIBITION                                 - First prize Miniature


ROYAL EASTER SHOW                                            - First Prize Miniature


GRENFELL HENRY LAWSON                                    - Highly Commended Miniature


TAREE OPEN                                                         - First prize miniature

                                                                           - Second Prize miniature

                                                                           - Highly Commended Open


DRUMMOYNE 50TH ANNIVERSARY                         - First Prize Printmaking


ASMA NATIONAL AWARDS                                    - First prize Watercolour


KU-RING-GAI ART SOCIETY                                  - Third prize Printmaking


COOTAMUNDRA WATTLE TIME                              - Third prize Watercolour


KIAMA ANNUAL                                                   - Second Prize Miniature


HORNSBY                                                           - Highly Commended Miniature


SCONE ART PRIZE                                               - Highly Commended Miniature


NEWCASTLE ART AWARDS                                   - Commended Figure and Portrait


PARRAMATTA                                                      - Second Prize Works on Paper


RYDE ART AWARDS                                             - Highly Commended Printmaking

                                                                         - Highly Commended Small Works







COMBINED ART SOCIETIES OF SYDNEY                 -Commended Watercolour


CASTLE HILL SHOW                                              -Very Highly Commended Watercolour

                                                                             -Highly Commended Pastel


GREAT LAKES EXHIBITION                                     -Second Prize Contemporary

                                                                             -Highly Commended Small works


TUMUT ANNUAL ART EXHIBITION                           -Second Prize Watercolour


PORT MACQUARIE EASTER SHOW                         -Very Highly commended Watercolour

                                                                             -Very Highly Commended Pastel

                                                                             -First Prize Printmaking


DUMMOYNE ART AWARDS                                      -Highly Commended Printmaking


HENRY LAWSON FESTIVAL                                     -First Prize Miniature

                                                                              -Commended Pastel


TAREE OPEN  ART EXHIBITION                               -Highly Commended Open Section


COOTAMUNDRA WATTLE TIME                                -First prize Watercolour

                                                                             -Commended Pastel


KIAMA ANNUAL ART EXHIBITION                           -Second Prize Miniature


SCONE ART PRIZE                                                - First Prize Print/Drawing


GOULBURN ANNUAL                                             - First Prize Print/Drawing


GWYDIR ART SHOW                                             - First Prize Miniature


PARRAMATTA OPEN                                              - Highly Commended Watercolour


BLACKHEATH RHDODENDRON                             - First Prize Miniature

                                                                          - Highly Commended Watercolour

                                                                          - Highly Commended Contemporary


KU-RING-GAI ART SOC ANNUAL                         - Third Prize Printmaking




 AWARDS 2012


MINIATURE ART SOCIETY OF FLORIDA Annual Awards                 - First Prize Printmaking


COMBINED ART SOCIETIES OF SYDNEY AWARDS                         - First prize 9 x 5 painting

                                                            - Commended Miniature 


CASTLE HILL SHOW                                                                    - First Prize Pastel

                                                                                                   - First Prize Contemporary

                                                                                                   - First Prize 9 x 5 Painting


PORT MACQUARIE EASTER SHOW                                               - First Prize Printmaking


GREAT LAKES EXHIBITION                                                           - Highly Commended Printmaking


DRUMMOYNE ANNUAL AWARDS                                                   - Highly Commended Printmaking


PORT STEPHENS ART PRIZE                                                        - Highly Commended Miniature


CAMDEN ART PRIZE                                                                    - Highly Commended Works on Paper


CURRABUBULA RED CROSS                                                         - Second Prize Miniature


LIGHT SPACE AND TIME On-line FIGURATIVE                              - Special Recognition Award


TAREE OPEN ART EXHIBITION                                                     - First Prize Miniature

                                                                                                    Highly Commended Miniature


SINGLETON ART PRIZE                                                               - First Prize Miniature

                                                                                                  - Highly Commended Contemporary


KU-RING-GAI ART SOCIETY ANNUAL AWARDS                             - Second Prize Printmaking


COOTAMUNDRA WATTLE TIME EXHIBITION                                - Third Prize Watercolour



                                                                                               - Commended Printmaking


SCONE ART PRIZE                                                                      - First Prize Printmaking

                                                                                                 - Highly Commended Miniature


RYDE ART AWARDS                                                                     - Highly Commended Printmaking (2)

                                                                                                  - Commended Miniature


BLACKHEATH RHODODENDRON FESTIVAL                                     - First Prize Miniature