A collagraph is an artist's hand-pulled print made from a plate or block which has been built up in slight relief with collage elements such as paper, fabric, thread, natural objects and impasto applications. Sometimes the block may have lines or areas carved into it as well. The whole plate must be sealed to make it impervious to inks and cleaning agents.

The oil-based ink used for printing can be rubbed into the lines and depressions (intaglio) like an etching, or it can be rolled on to the surfaces (relief inking) like a woodcut, or both processes can be used together. Many collagraph plates are quite fragile and can produce only small editions. 

 I love making collagraph prints because the many stages of the process allow a great richness of interpretation. I start with drawings, then the building of the plate - choosing the collage materials and adhering them. Then the inking and printing, where various techniques and colour combinations are tested.

At each stage there is scope for my subconcious to influence decisions and hopefully lead to an image close to my original inspiration.


More collagraphs may be viewed at www.novogalleries.com - look for Madeleine Szymanski under "Artist Profiles"